How to Create a Blog for Your Business

Blog’s are everywhere right now. There are blogs about food, travel, sports, fashion, and technology! Basically, anything that you could possible think of there is probably someone writing a blog about it.

A blog is an extremely effective marketing tool that businesses have learned to utilize in order to acquire growth and engagement for their company’s services. Research acquired by MarketingSherpa reported that blogs were voted the No. 4 tool for generating sales leads.

By having a blog for your business, it bridges the gap between the producer and consumer. A blog allows your business to interact with your current customers as well as your potential ones in a way that is personable and friendly, while at the same time being informational.

Use your blog to show your company’s strengths with the services you provide. Your company has an immense amount of knowledge that can be helpful to consumers. By posting content that connects with your product it builds your credibility. It also gives consumers a better understanding of your company. When the consumer grasps your company’s concept it allows them to produce feedback that results in new products and services being born.

If you have yet to create a blog for your business I hope I have convinced you why you need one!

The best part about this form of social outreach is that it’s easy and cheap (two words I know everyone loves to hear.)!

Creating a business blog

Before you can do the fun part, and go out and design your blog, sit down and plan out the objectives for the blog. What is the purpose of creating it? Do you want to boost your company’s website? How are you going to establish your company? How are you going to make your company different from your competition? How can you make your blog better than your competitors?

Other questions to ponder: How often are you going to commit to blog? How are readers going to follow your blog? Are you going to have an email opt-box or are you going to offer a request for a quote link?

Then, figure out how you are going to make readers connect with your blog. A business blog is not solely to sell your product and promote yourself. You need content that people are actually going to want to read. Talk about things that are relevant and trendy within your field.

Make Your Content Useful and Original

Just think about why you read the articles you do. The reasons are probably because you are getting helpful, valuable information from it. You can post about ANYTHING. Review other company’s products. Write a review on a book. Talk about the latest local restaurant you ate at. If people like what you wrote they are going to tell other people, who are going to tell other people, and so on! Also, by linking the product or place that you wrote about the more likely you will show up on the search engine result.

This means it is important to use keywords throughout your blog post to increase your chances of your blog post showing up, which will ultimately lead back to your company’s website resulting in customers.

Find A Platform For Your Blog

After all the planning and researching about all of the important information that goes into making your blog the best it can be it is time to decide on the platform you want your blog to be on. You can blog on a third-party platform. The advantages to that is it is easy and free to set up, and the site already has a lot of visitors. However, there are disadvantages. You are limited when you build your blog on a third-party platform. It is hard to convert readers into customers because that would require them clicking through to find your website which is unlikely. In this day and age people move from one article to the next quickly. The other option is to blog on your own website. The advantages are that everything is under your control. You are able to design it exactly how you envision it. Also, the readers that you obtain will boost your site and no one else’s, hopefully, resulting in customers! The disadvantages are that going this route is harder and time consuming.

When you decide what platform, your company wants to take decide if you are going to use WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, or Ghost. WordPress, is currently the most popular blogging platform. It powers one out of four websites. Your blog needs to be hosted. Some platforms provide the hosting as part of the package, while others will solely provide the software. GoDaddy, Hostgator, and Bluehost will host your blog for a small price.

Register A Domain Name

Register your domain name for cheap through Namecheap, 1&1, or If you want SEO credit for your blogging efforts you need to register your domain. When developing your domain name create something that is going to be easy to remember and set your company apart from other businesses sites.

Make Your Blog Unique

Next, choose the theme you want. Make sure your theme is professional and portrays your company’s esthetic. There are free themes available on the variety of platforms. You can decide to go premium and have the ability to have more features and better designs. Customizations allows changes to constantly be made to colors, buttons, and widgets. Create a design that is displayed well on a variety of devices: desktops, tablets, cellphones.

Your First Post

After all your hard work, it is time to post your first blog post!

Do not get discouraged during this process. Blogging takes a lot of continuous effort and time. You will see growth! Remember, it is a marathon, not a sprint when it comes to creating a successful business.


Meredith Courtright

Boone Software


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