Social Media Strategies to Live By

Become a professional social media manager. The most important aspect to understand about getting followers is that unless you promote your brand like crazy you will not see your company progress. The reality is no one else is going to promote your company starting off but YOU!

A successful social media expert uses all of their social networks actively and in various, strategic ways which allows them to best reach their target audience. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Pinterest are all so unique from each other, and understanding how your company can best utilize them to their advantage will help in your company outreach.

Create a social media guide and a planner so you have a set schedule. Content calendars are great because they allow you to visually see exactly when and what content you will be posting. As a social media manager it is crucial to be active on your company’s various social networks. No one wants to follow someone who has not posted in months! Taking the time to plan out will save you a lot of stress, and you will develop genuine, good content. Remember: Quality is key. You can plan short term, and also look into your company’s long term goals. In order to fulfill all of the benefits that social media has to offer you have to understand what your company is trying to achieve. Who is your target audience? What is your competition doing? Where do you want your social media to be at a year from now? What is it going to take to reach your company’s goal?

Create a blog. Social media and blogging go together. It is a tool used to constantly promote your brand. A blog is a key part of your business. If you never stop promoting it you are guaranteed to see growth. In order to gain an authentic audience for your blog you have to put in the work to get them by consistently posting content.

You need to be sociable with your audience. It is all about your followers, and letting them know they matter to your company. When you form relationships your company starts to gain a personable image. Follow your followers back. Like their posts, leave meaningful comments, retweet their content. Have fun with the content that you post. Make it interesting with popular gifs, funny videos, and creative pictures. By taking advantage of what social media has to offer, you will build a community for your followers. Also, by keeping up with what your followers are reading and listening to it will help you, as a social media manager, know what content to produce. Remember: Without your audience you would have nothing!

Make sure you are regularly looking at all your company’s social media analytics. These analytics will help you figure out what is and is not working. What posts have seen the most engagement and think about why? If a post received a ton of likes, try to create similar content because obviously your followers reacted positively to it. Through studying and answering these questions it will help you figure out valuable posting styles and hashtags to utilize. You can also look at your competition. Understand what their audience engages with on their social medias sites. Analyze the kind of content they post, how often, and what their focus is as a brand.

Social networks are now one of the most influential tools in modern day marketing, and they are not going away anytime soon because they are cheap and simple! It is now critical for you to become an expert social media manager for your company in order to see it reach its full potential.

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