We decided that we want our followers to get to know who makes up Boone Software. We will be doing a mini series called, “The Faces of Boone”, where we will each be telling a little about ourselves!

Our first post is on our web designer and developer, Nathanael McDaniel.

My name is Nathanael McDaniel. I grew up in the greater Hattiesburg area in the city of Petal. I graduated from Petal High in 2009 and moved on to Jones County Junior College shortly after where I pursued a degree in Computer Programming and Web Technology.

Some of my hobbies include playing video games in my free time, and listening to orchestrated music. Some of my favorites games include the Fallout series (of which I can be very opinionated), Skyrim, the Batman: Arkham series and, last but not least, Minecraft. I am also a huge marching arts fan and was a member of the Jones County Junior College Maroon Typhoon from 2010 thru 2013. My favorite drum corps are the Bluecoats and Carolina Crown (though Boston Crusaders have been growing on me over the years).

When I am not playing video games or enjoying music, you can find me out and about in Hattiesburg taking my lovely wife, Deanna, out on the town. Both of us work to make lives better for each other and for the child we are expecting soon. Our two favorite date night restaurants are Cotton Blues and Leo’s Cuban Kitchen.

I’m the oldest of my siblings, and have always had a knack for technology. My parents say I was taking apart VCRs and putting them back together as early as four years old. I recall that my first computer was an Amiga Commodore 64, and subsequently a Gateway computer with Windows 98.

I started building websites in Microsoft FrontPage when I was in the 5th grade (somewhere around 2001) when my elementary school offered classes instructing us on how to use the Office Suite. I would zip through all of the teacher’s instructions and, while the rest of my classmates were doing their work, I would spend the rest of my free time working in FrontPage. It wouldn’t be until 2005 when I built my first official website — a monstrosity it was, but it jumpstarted my passion for web design and over the years I would work hard to hone my skillset.

My business partner, Wes King, and I started Boone Software in early 2016 when the company we worked at together was laying everyone off. Our first instinct was to team up and continue on with a product we have both pursued for the past year (its name is undisclosed) but we feel we are reaching its completion. Along the way, we have taken on full time jobs to supplement our income as we build our business from the ground up with no investments or working capital. In addition, several others have joined in our endeavour to bring a professional software company to South Mississippi.

I am very passionate about this company because I have seen the potential in our team and I know greater things are yet to come. When I was in school, I heard the dreams of others who wanted to be game designers, hardcore software engineers, or use their skills for the betterment of mankind, and yet there was nowhere here for them to utilize their talents. Boone Software hopes to be a realization of their dreams where talented developers from South Mississippi or even around the world can come to work.

Within the next 3 to 5 years, we at Boone hope to have a very diverse portfolio of products and services we can provide to our local community and expand our borders outside of the state. We have several divisions planned to bring new jobs to South Mississippi, including contracted software engineers working for firms across the world, and possibly even a game studio.

Boone Software hopes to provide a welcoming, all-inclusive atmosphere for talented designers and developers with great benefits and a comfortable work schedule. Whether it be the next 3, 5, or even 10 years, our company will grow as we try to meet the needs of our clientele and help to make the world a better place for our children.

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