Faces of Boone: Will Smith

Get to know our Account Executive, Will Smith, in our new Faces of Boone post.
I am Will Smith, Boone Software’s account executive. I attended Petal High School and graduate from The University of Southern Mississippi with a degree in Business Administration and Marketing in December 2017.
My favorite places in Hattiesburg are the pond at the convention center and downtown. I like to go to Hattiesburg’s farmers market. I attend the Southern Miss football games and go to the district to tailgate with friends.
I am loyal above all else. I believe loyalty can transcend most flaws and mean the most in any kind of relationship business or personal. I am adaptive. We now live in an ever-changing environment if we’re not willing to change we will either be forced too or fall behind.
I got involved with Boone Software by pure luck and career services at USM. One phone interview and I was hooked. I was passionate about growing a company from nothing and creating a market that has not’ existed in Mississippi before. My favorite aspects of Boone are the freedom and openness it allows me.I have the ability to work from anywhere at any time give me the power to do more. It also teaches me valuable skills important to the future of the tech and business industry.
Boone is heading for greatness through utilizing structured project management and delegation of task. Boone is unique from other software and website developers because we build professional-grade websites from scratch like no one else. Were are not simply a template company. Our software solutions also are applicable to the clients’ particular problems and not just a general use platform.
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