5 Ways to Best Utilize Your Company’s Social Media

Humanize Your Brand

Social media has given companies opportunities to connect with their consumers which has allowed them to make genuine, meaningful relationships.

It is important for your company to follow people back and respond to comments. By giving your brand a personality it shows consumers your company’s goal is more than to solely make money. The company also learns what consumers like and want to see from them.

Show the faces of who works at your company.

Forbes Magazine said, “People tend to trust other people more than they do brands.”

Get involved in the community where your company is based by eating at local restaurants, attending town events, and supporting other businesses.

Humor is a relational tool. On your company’s social media accounts, you can show that your company has an alternative persona, which is different from your professional front. This reminds followers that your company enjoys a good laugh too!

Do Not Deal with Negative Feedback Poorly

Not everyone is going to like your content, so it is important to handle negative feedback in a positive, professional manner. Always respond to negative comments and NEVER delete them. If you delete a comment, the customer will most likely be even more upset and voice their opinion louder.

Let them know their opinion is being taken into account by your company. Apologize for the issue and recommended that they privately message you, that way your company can better handle the issue while keeping it confidential. By leaving negative comments on social media posts it shows honest reviews which helps portray your company’s authenticity. Negative feedback can also guide your company in ways to improve your brand.

No One Likes A Constant Self-Promoter

Think about why you personally follow a certain company on social media. The answer probably goes along with the fact that you like the content they post. What I have seen from great companies social media accounts is that you rarely realize you are being sold to. I subconsciously think I am following a company because I like the pictures or words they post. However, after being an active follower you start to form a real connection with the brand. So, when you go to buy a product you are more likely to buy it from that company because you have already been associating with them, whether you realize it or not when purchasing something.

Do not post prices or products your company is selling all the time. This will simply make your brand intentions appear disingenuous. Instead, educate them about your brand, and what it represents.

Be useful and beneficial to your followers. Give them advice. Be motivating. Make them laugh. These qualities build a sustaining platform. Remember, your company’s ultimate goal while effectively using social media is to engage and retain sincere followers.

Do Not Neglect Your Company’s Profile

One of the worst things is finding a company’s social media account that has not been used in months. It makes the consumer wonder if the company is even still available, and it definitely does not make them want to follow them. People follow people because they want to know what they are doing CONSTANTLY. If a company never posts content then there is absolutely no reason for a consumer to give a precious follow away. By actively engaging with your audience through posts on social media it forms valuable relationships.

Make a social media schedule and stick to it! Work can get busy, and sometimes other tasks take priority. An easy way to avoid inconsistency and forgetfulness with your company’s social media accounts is to make a rough outline of when and what you are going to post. This will hold your company accountable.

However, do not post just to post! Your contact will be poor and rushed. Create content that is meaningful to your company’s target audience. Give them something to talk about!  Make sure the content your company is posting has the same relative theme as the rest of your content.

Do Not Try and Connect with Everyone

It is important to figure who your company wants to reach in the midst of building your community. Be clear with your intentions of your brand. Reaching out to people with similar demographics will create a legitimate fan base, which will result in growth for your company. This process requires questioning from within the company, and also looking beyond it, in order to figure out who your company is, most of all who your company wants to be which determines who will be along your company’s journey.

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